Inderjeet Mani

After an apparently messy birth in India in 1955, Inderjeet Mani was forced to undergo the rest of his childhood (altogether idyllic, in retrospect) in Germany, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Sweden, interspersed with four thrilling years in a boarding school in India (Doon, class of 1970).  

He attended college in India and England (where he spent many an intoxicated hour sifting through the intellectual mishmash of the 60’s and 70’s), and then went on to graduate school in the USA, living there for three long (alternatively nightmarish and pleasant) decades. During that time, he earned a living as a Senior Principal Scientist at The MITRE Corporation (1992 onwards), a Research Scholar at Brandeis University (2005 onwards),  a Research Affiliate at MIT (2005-8), a (tenured) Associate Professor at Georgetown University (2003-6), and also a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University (2008-9).  He somehow managed to find the time to publish five rather technical books in the area of Computational Linguistics and numerous articles, as well as travelogues and short stories. 

Meanwhile, he traveled incessantly to various parts of the world, engaging in all sorts of hedonistic practices while subconsciously seeking out a safe arbor from which he could reflect on the passage of time and write several more books.  Il faut cultiver mon jardin, he said to himself, more than once.

Accordingly, in 2008, after careful consideration, he retired to write books full-time, settling in Chiang Mai, Thailand …. 

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